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Cair Paravel, by the sea

The Golden Age of Narnia
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Are you a Narnia fan? Did you love the new movie? Have you read the books more times than you can count over the years? Come into the court of the Four Sovereigns, and meet fellow enthusiasts!

This community was formed to provide a safe and friendly environment in which Narnia fans could meet and share ideas and creativity. Because of the nature of some of the other Narnian communities on LJ, there are some ground rules. They're not hard to follow, but they are maintained pretty strictly.

You MAY post:

  • Icons, friends-only banners, and other artistic creations
  • Fan fiction and fan art
  • Links to news articles, websites, message boards, and other places of Narnian interest
  • Announcements of new LJ and GJ communities about Narnia
  • Polls
  • Your own reviews of the books and/or the film, or links to other people's reviews
  • Discussion of the stories' themes, characters, plots, etc.
  • Discussion of the film's actors, screenplay, directing, etc.
  • Information and discussion about C. S. Lewis

You may NOT post:

  • Spam of any sort (advertisements for webcams, etc.); if there is something you wish to advertise which you feel is of relevance to the community, check with the mod first
  • Any sort of abusive posts -- we're all friends here, so let's be tolerant of each other
  • Links to sites containing porn or offensive material
  • Artwork, fan fiction, or discussion about "shipping" (romantic or sexual relationships) between any of the four siblings -- there are plenty of communities for that, for some reason, but this is not one of them. Pairing them with original characters or other characters from the stories is okay, just not with each other. Come on, they're brothers and sisters.

One other rule -- not everyone has seen the movie. So if your post contains spoilers, please make judicious use of the lj-cut. Directions for making an lj-cut are found in the FAQ.


We've also been included in The LJ Directory!

If you run a relevant LJ community and are interested in affiliating with us, please leave a comment on this post.

Right, then! Hope you've all been good, because you never know when Father Christmas will drop by with presents...come on in and join the fun!

Oh, P.S. -- this community supports fandom_counts.